The best way to display your Ribbons , Sashes and Rosettes



May 2009

Long Last we have our Rosette holder. Order one in before June 30th and receive a special gift!




Want to see a Ribbon Mate?

I understand that its nice to see what you are buying so i will be at these shows.

Queensland. Park ridge ponyclub grounds 25th april 2009 EFA 2 ring circus.

NSW hack of the year at Lismore Show Horse Council in May 09.

Equitana Victoria 2010







May 2009

Long Last we have our Rosette holder. Order one in before June 30th and receive a special gift!



Ribbon Mate. The best way of displaying your competition Ribbons, Sashes and Rosettes


Ribbon mate lets you display your ribbons with pride and be pround of your acheivements No more tangled messy ribbons always falling on the dusty floor

Ribbon mate holdes them neatly on the wall always staying straight and tidy in place

Basic Features

  • Top Banner only attaches to wall with two picture frame hooks
  • Comes with one holder of your choice to suit your showing needs
  • You can add extra holders at any time (holders sold separately )
  • Photo frame also avaialable
  • 5 Holders to choose from : ribbons only , sash only , extra wide sash, combination and now rosette holder
  • Ribbon Mates are hand made in Australia


Extra Holders

  • Ribbons only holder. Holds standard 50mm wide ribbons in 6 sections 15 ribbons in each section "Thats 90 ribbons on one holder"
  • Sash only Holder. Holds sashes up to 120mm wide in 3 sections
  • Extra wide Sash Holder. Holds sashes up to200mm wide in 2 sections
  • Combination Holder. 1 section for sashes and 4 sections for ribbons
  • Rosette Holder. holds rosettes neatly in place with the help of velcro

Colors That match our sashes

At last the solution you have been looking for to displaying you hard earned ribbons and sashes instead of them being tangled and scattered on the floor

        Ribbon Mate is the simplest and easiest way of displaying your ribbons and sashes

        Ribbon Mate is a wall mounted banner with ribbon holders that hang below and can be added to as you win more and more ribbons or sashes. It is made out of  12 mm MDF. board and finished in a stunning high gloss in the same rich colors of our ribbons, No more messy dusty ribbons 

        The ribbon Mate banner measures 65cm approximate wide and with one holder is 21 cm deep (then allow for your ribbons) Ribbons hang behind your holders (See picture) you can keep adding on to the holders one below each other till you reach the floor

         Importantly, Ribbon  Mate is easily mounted on the wall with no mess, and not only gives you a show place for you achievements, but also enhances any room in the house

         Now at last we can enjoy our ribbons and sashes and the memories they represent, the time that you have been recognized and rewarded by the judge for your dedication and long hours,

         It’s not just the ribbons that are important but it is gratifying to have them there to remind us of those treasured memories

          You have work hard for those ribbons, well done

 I wish you lots of fun filling your ribbon mate

Ribbon Mate Explained Ribbon Mate shown here with a total of three holders


  • Ribbon Mate Explained
  • The top banner is attached to the wall with two sturdy picture frame attachments

  • Under the banner is a simple hook and eye that allows you to remove the ribbon holder for easier filling

  • Simply remove holder and thread your ribbons or sashes starting from the back of the holder coming through the front and again through to the back from the front of the slot below the first slot, this will be sure to hold your ribbons until you wish to change them  

  • Each pair of slots can take up to 15 standard ribbons (there are 6 pairs in the ribbons only holder)

  • The weight of the hanger holds the ribbons neatly against the wall

  • There is 5 different holders to choose from and you can also get a photo frame that complements your display and personalizes your ribbon mate with the horse photo

Ribbons Only holder.

Holds up to 90 your standard ribbons 50mm wide (6 section holding 15 satin ribbons each)

ribbons only holder


Sash only holder

Holders sashes up to 120mm wide (three sections )

sash only holder

Combination holder

one section for sashes (up to 120mm) and 4 section for standard 50mm ribbons

combination holder


Extra wide sash holder

extra wide sash holder


Sashes up to 200mm wide suitable for supreme, state, Nationals and best in show sashes



Rosette holder

holder with velcro to hold those hard to display rosettes