Ribbon Mate

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Hello and welcome to Ribbon Mate

At last the solution you have been looking for to displaying you hard earn't Ribbons and Sashes instead of them being tangled and scattered on the floor.

Ribbon Mate is the simplest and easiest way of displaying your Ribbons, Sashes and Rosettes. Ribbon Mate is a wall mounted top banner and comes with one holder of your choice as well as being able to add extra holders as needed.Ribbon Mate has 5 different holders that will sort your ribbons and sashes out for you and have then neat and tidy even in the strongest breeze.Each holder hangs below the last and can be added to as you win more and more ribbons or sashes. It is made out of mdf board and finished in a stunning high gloss in the same rich colours of our ribbons. No More Messy Dusty Ribbons! Importantly, Ribbon Mate is easily mounted on the wall with no mess, and not only gives you a show place for you achievements, but also enhances any room in the house. Now at last we can enjoy our ribbons and sashes and the memories they represent, the time that you have been recognised and rewarded by the judge for your dedication and long hours.

It’s not just the Ribbons that are important but it is gratifying to have them there to remind us of those magic moments.You have work hard for those Ribbons, well done.

 I hope you have lots of fun filling your Ribbon Mate
Cheers Linda JvR
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